International Film Shorts & Discussions

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Morton Grove Public Library
Baxter Room

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International Film Shorts & Discussions

We will screen several short films from a variety of languages and genres including drama, comedy, and animation, followed by a short discussion of each.

Parallel Parking (French w/ English subtitles, 13 min, 2007)

Camille and Herve arrive late for a dinner, and when they can’t find parking all hell slowly breaks loose.

 Red Snow (German w/English subtitles, 23 min, 2013)

Serbia, 1941. A young lieutenant must persuade a captive resistance fighter to betray his comrades, or enforce a law which states that for every German solider killed, one hundred civilians must be executed. Based on true events.

 Miss World (Mandarin w/ English subtitles, 20 min, 2016)

A young woman, in her early thirties, comes home to Taiwan to say goodbye to her father, before he has to go off to prison.

 The Two Lives of Nate Hill (From France, no dialogue, 3 minutes, 2013)

Two parallel but different life paths are shown in this creative animated short that examines the dualities of identity, chance, fate and existence.

 Helium (Danish w/ English subtitles, 23 min, 2013)

Hospital janitor Enzo weaves stories of a magical universe that brings solace and joy to a young terminally ill patient. Academy Award Winner © for Best Live Action Short.

 Your Mother and I (English, 13 min, 2016)

Johnna's Dad changed the world. Or so he says. Whilst Johnna and her dad are talking, they can't seem to connect, each growing more and more frustrated with one another, revolving around one another in their own orbits. Based on a short comedic story by Dave Eggers.

Event Type(s): *Adult, Movies
Age Group(s): Adults